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Mason Parker - "Jeweled Wings - Dragonfly"

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Artist: Mason Parker
Title: Jeweled Wings - Dragonfly
Medium: Fused Glass and Copper
Dimensions: 22"h x 26"w

Jeweled Wings is a mesmerizing three-dimensional representation of a dragonfly, crafted with meticulous attention to detail and skillful use of materials. The translucent wings are made from dichroic glass, carefully arranged to mimic the delicate veining of a real dragonfly's wings. The green and blue hues of the glass create an iridescent effect, capturing the shimmering beauty of this enchanting insect. The body of the dragonfly is elegantly sculpted, with hints of blue and green that suggest a vivid iridescence. The outstretched wings and lifelike body convey the fragility and grace of a real dragonfly, making this artwork a captivating and unique piece of sculptural art.

Installation Options:  Damselflies can be installed indoors or out. Standing on stand – just stick the rod in the belly hole and level up the stone. Screwed to the wall – put a screw through the tail space and one through the “nose” space. Hanging on the wall or in a window – thread wire though the middle crosswires of the top wings and it will hang flush.  Care: If you want to re-shine up the copper body, use Turtle Wax and buff it. If you do have an accident, you can always order brand new replacement wings.