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Mason Parker - "Ephemeral Flight - Damselfly #4 Cobalt Blue/ Aqua Blue"

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Artist: Mason Parker
Title: Ephemeral Flight - Damselfly #4 Cobalt Blue/ Aqua Blue
Medium: Fused Glass and Copper
Dimensions: 17"h x 28"w

"Ephemeral Flight" is a stunning, three-dimensional glass sculpture that captures the delicate beauty of a damselfly in flight. The vibrant shades of blue in the wings, along with the intricate detailing and use of copper and dichroic glass, create a sense of lightness and fragility in the artwork. The piece is wall-mounted and casts soft, colored shadows, adding depth and enhancing its visual appeal. The use of wire or metalwork throughout the sculpture not only provides structural support but also adds an artistic element with coiled segments that connect the wing pieces, making this artwork truly unique and captivating.

Installation Options:  Damselflies can be installed indoors or out. Standing on stand – just stick the rod in the belly hole and level up the stone. Screwed to the wall – put a screw through the tail space and one through the “nose” space. Hanging on the wall or in a window – thread wire though the middle crosswires of the top wings and it will hang flush.  Care: If you want to re-shine up the copper body, use Turtle Wax and buff it. If you do have an accident, you can always order brand new replacement wings.

This is a three-dimensional sculpture of a damselfly. The body and wings of the insect are crafted from pieces of blue glass, intricately pieced together to form the delicate structure of the insect. The blue glass varies in shades, depicting iridescence typically found on damselfly wings. Copper structures outline the edges of the wings and segments of the body. The overall piece is one that marries creative interpretation and real life representation.