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Mason Parker - "Damselfy #8 Iridized Black/Oxblood Red"

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Artist: Mason Parker
Title: Damselfy #8 Iridized Black/Oxblood Red
Medium: Fused Glass and Copper
Dimensions: 17"h x 28"w

Installation Options:  Damselflies can be installed indoors or out. Standing on stand – just stick the rod in the belly hole and level up the stone. Screwed to the wall – put a screw through the tail space and one through the “nose” space. Hanging on the wall or in a window – thread wire though the middle crosswires of the top wings and it will hang flush.  Care: If you want to re-shine up the copper body, use Turtle Wax and buff it. If you do have an accident, you can always order brand new replacement wings.

The artwork is a three-dimensional representation of a dragonfly, crafted with attention to detail and vibrant coloration. Its wings are rendered in shades of blue, with patterns resembling the natural veining found in dragonfly wings, and they feature ring-like embellishments possibly mimicking water droplets. The body and head of the dragonfly include bronze or copper-colored elements that twist and turn to create the segmented look of an insect's body. Antenna-like structures sprout from the head, and the overall composition captures the delicate and graceful form of a dragonfly. The artwork is mounted on a wall, likely serving as a striking decorative piece.