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Lucy Dickens - "Monsoon Showers"

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Artist: Lucy Dickens
Title: Monsoon Showers
Medium: oils
Dimensions: 40"h x 60"w

“I’ve often been accused of having my head in the clouds, always watching the sky. Can you blame me when the skies are this incredible?! Some sunsets simply take my breath away as I gaze intently at the ever-changing vibrant hues and cloud formations. Then the thunderhead rises ever higher catching the last of the fiery light as the sun prepares to set with a grand finale. She then releases her bounty. Each sunset and sunrise are unique and so fleeting, yet a precious gift full of endings and new beginnings, new promises full of the divine.” Lucy Dickens

"Monsoon Showers" is a vibrant landscape painting depicting a dramatic sky. The upper two-thirds of the canvas is filled with an expansive sky, showing a large central cloud highlighted with bright orange and yellow hues, suggesting illumination by the sun's light from below the horizon. Surrounding this cloud are various shades of purple, pink, and soft orange, while the background sky is rendered in light to deep blue colors. Below this impressive sky display, the horizon shows a layer of orange and yellow, adding to the impression of sunlit clouds. Beneath the horizon, we see a silhouette of a landscape with darker rolling hills, while a rainfall is visible in the distance, characterized by a vertical, hazy veil of rain, further adding to the atmospheric effect of the scene. In the foreground, a serene river meanders through the scene, reflecting the sky's colors with lighter shades indicating the glistening water surface. The banks of the river are dotted with small patches of greenery. The foliage has hints of green, suggesting some areas are catching the warm light, contrasting against the painting's overall cooler shadows. The combination of warm and cool tones, the detailed rendering of clouds, and the use of light suggest a focus on the natural beauty and transient moments of the day when light dramatically transforms the landscape. Lucy Dickens has captured a moment of grandeur and tranquility in nature with a skilled use of color and light."