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Guilloume - "Love and Tenderness"

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Artist: Guilloume
Title: Love and Tenderness
Medium: Bronze
Dimensions: 18"h x 10"w

Sometimes I do my best thinking while sitting on the deck outside my studio. On this particular day, I was kneading a piece of clay and contemplating the upcoming 25th anniversary of my marriage. I wanted to create a special sculpture for my wife, Gladys, and I was trying to create a mental list of the things that have contributed to our successful and joyful marriage. Despite my best efforts, only one thing kept looming in my mind: The importance we place on the physical touch and how often we embrace, hold hands, or place our head on each other's shoulder to show our affection. After 25 years we still share big hugs and playful kisses. Perhaps it comes from our Latin-American cultural background where physical expression is a large part of communication and friendship. There are many ways to communicate one's feelings and build intimacy, but the human touch can greatly deepen the level of love and tenderness. --Guilloume