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Lucy Dickens - "Lost Eden"

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Artist: Lucy Dickens
Title: Lost Eden
Medium: oils
Dimensions: 24"h x 36"w

"Years ago, my husband and I were out adventuring near our cabin, in an area called Lost Eden. What a perfect name for this picturesque meadow, surrounded with pine and oak trees swaying in the breeze. Often, water trickles gently through ravines meandering through. While off-roading, I spotted a few small clumps of wild purple iris, my favorite flowers! Joy filled my heart at such a beautiful find. For many years after, I have been on the lookout to no avail. Then a few weeks ago, we set out on another grand Jeep adventure. “Stop, iris!”, I yelled. Excitedly, I jumped out and jogged through the woods. After enjoying and photographing these beauties, blue purple caught my eye again in the distance. Venturing down the hill I saw the creek bed full of them as far as I could see! I couldn’t believe my eyes and was giddy as a school girl, smiling ear to ear. We traveled on much further into the meadow spotting more and more. Now we found the perfect romantic picnic spot amidst the iris, a memory I will treasure forever." Lucy Dickens

"Lost Eden" is a landscape painting depicting a serene wildflower scene. In the foreground, there is a prominent cluster of wild purple irises with detailed petals and yellow centers, standing out against a background of green foliage. The irises are rendered with a degree of realism that captures their delicate texture and vibrancy. A winding dirt path with reddish-brown tones leads the eye into the middle distance, where additional irises dot the grassy meadow. A stand of tall green trees marks the background, featuring varying shades of green that showcase depth. The light background sky transitions from a soft blue at the top to pale tones near the horizon, depicting a tranquil atmosphere. Shadows and highlights throughout the composition contribute to a peaceful, naturalistic setting.