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Lucy Dickens - "Little Ruby"

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Artist: Lucy Dickens
Title: Little Ruby
Medium: oils
Dimensions: 14"h x 11"w

"Among the desert flowers, Prickly Pear blooms remain a favorite. The “Chenille” variety received their nickname as the thorn patches have a furry look to them. This rare species of the Opuntia Aciculata is generally found along the Rio Grande in south Texas, and was gifted to me from a beautiful friend for my desert garden. How wonderful it is to have so much painting inspiration just outside my door! Don’t flowers just make you want to smile? They inspire a desire in me to slow down and appreciate every nuance. Joy fills my heart and continues to expand. Then in my studio, I feel like I am painting in the Spirit and everything else just washes away but the painting evolving before me. It is such an incredible feeling. This is why I paint; what draws me so, the drive and the desire to share these special moments with YOU." Lucy Dickens

"Little Ruby" is a painting featuring a vibrant cluster of red and pink cactus flowers. The flowers are depicted with rich tones and lively brushwork, emphasizing the velvety textures of the petals and the bright yellow centers. The surrounding cactus pads are a muted green with small, delicate thorns sprinkled across their surface. The background consists of a subtle, soft blue sky, which provides a calm contrast to the vivid colors of the flowers. The painting uses light and shadow to create depth, with the focus being on the striking red flowers that occupy most of the canvas. The overall impression is one of natural beauty and bold, warm colors, capturing the essence of the cactus blossoms in full bloom.