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Lucy Dickens - "Little Ruby"

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Artist: Lucy Dickens
Title: Little Ruby
Medium: oils
Dimensions: 14"h x 11"w

"Among the desert flowers, Prickly Pear blooms remain a favorite. The “Chenille” variety received their nickname as the thorn patches have a furry look to them. This rare species of the Opuntia Aciculata is generally found along the Rio Grande in south Texas, and was gifted to me from a beautiful friend for my desert garden. How wonderful it is to have so much painting inspiration just outside my door! Don’t flowers just make you want to smile? They inspire a desire in me to slow down and appreciate every nuance. Joy fills my heart and continues to expand. Then in my studio, I feel like I am painting in the Spirit and everything else just washes away but the painting evolving before me. It is such an incredible feeling. This is why I paint; what draws me so, the drive and the desire to share these special moments with YOU." Lucy Dickens