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Melinda Fellini - "Linger On"

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Artist: Melinda Fellini
Title: Linger On
Medium: Encaustic
Dimensions: 15"h x 12"w

"Linger On" depicts an abstract encaustic dominated by a vibrant color palette. The top portion bathes in warm, mellow tones of yellow radiating a sense of light and warmth, reminiscent of sunlight. As the viewer's gaze moves downward, the hues transition into a mix of rich red, green, and hints of blue, creating an impression of depth and contrast against the bright background. The colors give the composition a soft, diffused look that evokes a dreamy, ethereal atmosphere. Vertical strokes in the lower part suggest the presence of foliage and flowers. These elements seem to rise towards the light, imparting a sense of growth and vitality. The overall effect of the painting is one that stimulates contemplation and evokes various interpretations, allowing the viewer to connect emotionally with the work through its use of color and form.