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Leonardo Studios - "Native Rhythms"

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Artist: Leonardo Studios
Title: Native Rhythms
Medium: Handcrafted Collage Edition
Dimensions: 32"h x 24"w

This unique collage was created in a process that requires time and patience to produce. The artwork is cut and assembled from smaller pieces that incorporates patterns, maps, shapes, and pieces of text together from various sources. This layered and dimensional technique gives these works their signature look and depth. The result is a piece of artwork that can be appreciated across the room and admired for its unusual details up close. This design is created as an edition, but each piece of the edition is hand-cut and hand-assembled; no two are exactly alike! [Listed Size Includes Frame]

"Native Rhythms" features a vibrant and intricately designed collage artwork of a Native American figure. The figure is adorned with a striking traditional headdress that is composed of various feather-like elements, each intricately layered with different patterns, texts, and images. The face of the figure is detailed with multiple colors and textures that add depth and complexity to the portrait. The figure's attire is equally elaborate, with a tapestry of designs and motifs covering it, including geometric patterns, bright hues, and symbolic imagery. Across the figure's clothing, there are elements like circular badges, stripes, and various icons, all seamlessly integrated into the collage to form a coherent yet visually stimulating whole. In the figure's hand is a staff, which is also composed of a collage of various elements with distinct patterns and designs. Behind the figure, there is a soft, faded background depicting a desert landscape with rock formations, contributing to the harmony between the figure and the ancestral lands often associated with Native American heritage. The dynamic composition and use of color throughout the artwork provide a sense of vitality and a rich celebration of cultural identity.