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Leonardo Studios - "Lake Elk"

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Artist: Leonardo Studios
Title: Lake Elk
Medium: Handcrafted Collage Edition
Dimensions: 32"h x 24"w

This unique collage was created in a process that requires time and patience to produce. The artwork is cut and assembled from smaller pieces that incorporates patterns, maps, shapes, and pieces of text together from various sources. This layered and dimensional technique gives these works their signature look and depth. The result is a piece of artwork that can be appreciated across the room and admired for its unusual details up close. This design is created as an edition, but each piece of the edition is hand-cut and hand-assembled; no two are exactly alike! [Listed Size Includes Frame]

"Lake Elk" is a mixed media artwork featuring a stylized representation of an elk's head with a visually intriguing combination of various elements. The elk's large antlers extend upward in elegant curves and are filled with colorful patterns and scenes. The head of the elk itself is a collage of various papers bearing text, patterns, and images, creating a rich tapestry of textures and a vibrant color palette. The elk's face is a collage of text and image. The body of the elk is adorned with layers of textures suggesting a patchwork, adding to the idea of a storied histories and travels. Intermixed are symbols like butterflies, which signify the ephemeral nature of experiences. The artwork gives off a somewhat whimsical feeling, inviting viewers to ponder the stories, travels, and experiences embedded in the textures and fragments that make up the elk's form. It's a playful yet intricate piece that captures the imagination with its depth of detail and creative use of mixed materials.