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Leonardo Studios - "Fox and Flowers"

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Artist: Leonardo Studios
Title: Fox and Flowers
Medium: Handcrafted Collage Edition
Dimensions: 27"h x 27.5"w

This unique collage was created in a process that requires time and patience to produce. The artwork is cut and assembled from smaller pieces that incorporates patterns, maps, shapes, and pieces of text together from various sources. This layered and dimensional technique gives these works their signature look and depth. The result is a piece of artwork that can be appreciated across the room and admired for its unusual details up close. This design is created as an edition, but each piece of the edition is hand-cut and hand-assembled; no two are exactly alike! [Listed Size Includes Frame]

"Fox and Flowers" is a collage that presents a stylized image of a fox, crafted from a variety of textures and patterns. The fox's head and neck are depicted in great detail, occupying the central area of the composition. The creature's face is shown with a direct gaze, featuring intense, black eyes that stand out against the otherwise subdued color palette. The construction of the fox's face and body employs an intricate mix of floral and organic motifs, alongside structured, geometric elements. A seeming assortment of flowers adorns the fox's head like a crown, with a variety of blooms in shades of violet, pink, red, and yellow. The backdrop of the image features soft, muted tones, with delicate silhouettes of plants and brushstrokes adding depth and a sense of an ethereal landscape. The art is framed in a simple, elegant black frame, which provides a visual boundary and highlights the artwork's details. The overall impression is one of a harmonious blend between the natural world and an almost dreamlike artistic interpretation.