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Leonardo Studios - "Bunny Eyes"

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Artist: Leonardo Studios
Title: Bunny Eyes
Medium: Handcrafted Collage Edition
Dimensions: 28"h x 20"w

This unique collage was created in a process that requires time and patience to produce. The artwork is cut and assembled from smaller pieces that incorporates patterns, maps, shapes, and pieces of text together from various sources. This layered and dimensional technique gives these works their signature look and depth. The result is a piece of artwork that can be appreciated across the room and admired for its unusual details up close. This design is created as an edition, but each piece of the edition is hand-cut and hand-assembled; no two are exactly alike! [Listed Size Includes Frame]

"Bunny Eyes" features a whimsical and vibrant depiction of a hare. The hare's head and upper body are the focal point, with its large, attentive ears extending upward. The ears are adorned with a variety of flowers and plants, creating a sense of the hare being one with nature. The hare itself is composed of various textures and patterns, showcasing that it is part of a collage. It is to be set against a softly blurred background that hints at a dreamy, pastel-colored landscape or a tranquil street scene, but this is subdued to maintain the prominence of the hare in the foreground. The overall effect is charming and imaginative, inviting a closer look to explore the intricate details and the harmonious blend of the natural with the fantastical.