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Komala Rohde - "Necklace #9 Copper Spirals - Copper, Bronze, Hemalite "

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Artist: Komala Rohde
Title: Necklace #9 - Copper Spirals
Medium: Copper, Bronze, Hemalite

This necklace is composed of multiple elements, creating an elegant design. The necklace features a series of stacked rectangular beads organized in a symmetrical pattern that forms the chain. At the center front of the necklace, there is a prominent decorative element made up of five copper pendants. Each pendant is adorned with abstract patterns consisting of curved and circular motifs. The central pendant is the largest and is flanked by two smaller pendants on each side, decreasing in size towards the ends of the decorative element. Overall, the necklace is a striking piece of jewelry that exhibits a fusion of craftsmanship and artistic expression through its materials, color palette, and designs.