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Kirk Allan - "Spalted Pecan/Resin Entry Table"

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Artist: Kirk Allan
Title: Spalted Pecan/Resin Entry Table
Medium: Spalted Pecan, Resin, Black Walnut Base
Dimensions: 30"h x 62"w

This uniquely crafted spalted pecan wooden table features natural wood grain patterns that are beautifully highlighted by a glossy, transparent resin finish, giving the surface a smooth and reflective quality. The tabletop is irregularly shaped, following the organic contours of the original piece of wood, which provides a natural and rustic aesthetic. Green and gold pigment have been added to the resin and stands in contrast with the natural wood, adding a pop of color and additional visual interest.The table is supported by two solid, thick legs placed at an angle, crafted from black walnut wood. This choice of legs gives the table a sturdy and stable appearance while maintaining the natural and rustic theme.