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Kirk Allan - "Hong Kong Orchid/Resin Entry Table"

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Artist: Kirk Allan
Title: Hong Kong Orchid/Resin Entry Table
Medium: Hong Kong Orchid, Resin, Red Gum Eucalyptus,
Dimensions: 29.5"h x 30"w

This elegant Hong Kong orchid wooden table showcases a beautiful blend of natural wood grain and smooth, resin surfaces. The grain patterns swirl and flow, providing a visual texture that ranges from lighter honey tones to rich, deep browns. The resin adds a glossy visual interest but also provides a pop of golden color to the table. The table is supported by a single curved pedestal base, which also features the natural lines and colors of the red gum eucalyptus wood. The darker base provides a striking contrast to the lighter tones of the table top and adds a refined, sculptural aspect to the design. The craftsmanship and finish indicate that the piece is a work of art that combines functionality with the aesthetic of natural wood.