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Karen Kurka Jensen - "Walkabout in Aspen_5198a"

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Artist: Karen Kurka Jensen
Title: Walkabout in Aspen_5198a
Medium: Ink and watercolor on ricepaper
Dimensions: 27"h x 18"w

This gorgeous painting is an abstract composition with a dynamic interplay of colors and textures. Dominated by earthy and muted tones, it boasts bursts of vibrant colors, including hues of blue, red, and yellow. The use of lighter colors at the top right creates a sense of a light source shining through, while in contrast, the darker areas on the left suggest depth and shadow. Prominent vertical white and grey strokes in the foreground evoke a feeling of trees, adding a layer of depth and creating a sense of division within the space of the canvas. The piece is energetic, seemingly flux, and open to the viewer's personal interpretation.