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Karen Kurka Jensen - "Deep Calls to Deep at the Roar of Your Waterfalls I"

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Artist: Karen Kurka Jensen
Title: Deep Calls to Deep at the Roar of Your Waterfalls I
Medium: Ink and watercolor on ricepaper
Dimensions: 23.5"h x 17"w

"Deep Calls to Deep at the Root of Your Waterfalls I" is an abstract piece of art created with a fluid and dynamic use of colors and brushstrokes. The composition predominantly showcases bold blues, soft yellows, deep blacks, and fiery reds and oranges, all bleeding into one another to create a sense of movement and emotional depth. The blue at the top appears to seep downwards into the other colors, while the black and darker tones create a contrast that adds to the piece's dramatic tension. The colors melt together to create a textured and layered effect. Both the delicate spreading of the lighter tones and the concentration of the darker pigments give the piece a compelling visual balance, resulting in an invitation for open interpretation by the viewer.