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Judith Monroe - "Looking Deep"

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Artist: Judith Monroe
Title: Looking Deep
Medium: Mixed Media on Panel
Dimensions: 10"h x 20"w

Includes photo transfers, acrylic, color pencil, ephemera, and dried pressed leaves on cradled wood panel.

"Looking Deep" forms a cohesive visual narrative when viewed as a whole. On the left, a bird's feather is positioned above a nest with an egg in its center. The egg and feather are framed within a simple black outline, which sets them apart from the rest of the textured beige background. The beige surface has delicate grid lines that provide a hint of structure. In the center is a carefully arranged bird's nest with a seahorse placed prominently within. The various materials of the nest, twigs and grass, display a spectrum of natural colors from yellows to greens and browns, showcasing richness and diversity. A single green leaf is placed below the nest, its veins intricately detailed, contrasting against a similar grid-like background. On the right panel, a lizard reaches upward, toward an assortment of seashells, each beautifully patterned with unique markings and colors. The shells and the lizard are arranged within the confines of the grid background, accentuating their delicate textures and colors. The artwork explores themes of nature, ecology, and the intricate connections between different elements of an ecosystem. This work invites the viewer to contemplate the biodiversity and beauty of the natural world.