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Judith Monroe - "Jungle Queen's Refrain"

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Artist: Judith Monroe
Title: Jungle Queen's Refrain
Medium: Mixed Media on Panel
Dimensions: 12"h x 24"w

Diptych each panel is 12"x12"; includes photo transfers, acrylic, color pencil, ephemera, and dried pressed leaves on cradled wood panel.

"Jungle Queen's Refrain" consists of two pieces, each featuring a butterfly with outstretched wings, positioned centrally on a textured, antique-looking background that includes elements of sheet music. The left frame contains a butterfly with brown wings adorned with white spots and darker brown edges. Below the butterfly is a sprig of green leaves, adding a touch of color contrast against the neutral background. The right frame displays a butterfly with wings that have a more varied color palette, including shades of brown, cream, and faint green, with a series of eye-like spots along the lower edges of the wings. Complementing this butterfly is another sprig of green leaves situated below it. Both butterflies have a lifelike quality. The frames have a weathered appearance, which enhances the aged feel of the pieces. The background color around the frames is a muted seafoam green, which provides a soft and harmonious backdrop for the composition. Overall, the artwork evokes a sense of natural history illustrations, with a touch of botanical elements to complete the theme.