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Gary Lee Price - "Journeys of the Imagination"

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Artist: Gary Lee Price
Title: Journeys of the Imagination 
Medium: Bronze
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"Of all the sculptures that I have created over the years, these are some of my favorite. They are very therapeutic for me. Each piece represents the freedom and the joy for life that so many of us lose sight of in our busy and responsible lives. The mail‑order glider, paper airplanes and pogo sticks become symbols of our dreams and aspirations. I also wanted to say something about childhood and our fascination with flight. To me, flight represents freedom and rising above our problems and gaining that all so important perspective on life. I feel like I have to take a couple of flights a year just to get off of the earth and regain some of that vision." Gary Lee Price

"Journeys of the Imagination" is a whimsical sculpture featuring a dynamic young boy poised atop a stylized, paper airplane. The figure is sculpted to convey movement with a long, flowing cape trailing behind it, accentuating the sense of motion. On the base below, there is a smaller child engaged in reading, emphasizing a theme of imagination and the joy it can bring.