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Joshua Pass - "Orbit"

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Artist: Joshua Pass
Title: Orbit
Medium: Bronze, Stainless steel
Dimensions: 26"h x 18"w

Wall sculpture

"Orbit" is a wall mounted mixed media composition that utilizes metal components and textures to create an abstract design. It consists of several interlocking shapes and sections, each with a distinct pattern and color treatment. A segmented loop forms the primary structure, encased in a mesh texture with a metallic luster. One section within this loop is a red hue, and adjacent to it is a horizontal circular element divided: one half featuring an earthy beige. A smaller, fully closed circle sits overlapping both the loop and the semicircle. It boasts a vibrant turquoise color. Final touches include thin strands that traverse the composition, crossing over and under the geometric forms. These elements inject a dynamic quality into the static metalwork, contributing to the sense of depth and cohesion in this intricate assembly.