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Jarod Farver - "Terrapin"

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Artist: Jarod Farver
Title: Terrapin
Medium: Acrylic and Resin
Dimensions: 24"h x 24"w

"Terrapin" consists of a series of horizontal bands with varying colors and textures. The color palette includes muted tones such as olive green, teal, gold, and creamy white, which are overlaid with patches of black, and gray. The surface of the artwork has a dynamic and organic look. There are patterns of dripping that add to the texture and complexity of the piece. These textural elements contribute to a richly layered visual experience. The artwork is framed with a thin, maple floating frame that encloses the piece without distracting from the artwork itself. The presentation is such that the viewer's focus remains on the contrasting bands of color and their intriguing textures, inviting contemplation on the materials and processes used to achieve these effects.