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James Gucwa - "Sun"

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Artist: James Gucwa
Title: Sun
Medium: Acrylic
Dimensions: 24"h x 18"w

"Sun" features a bold and colorful representation of a vertical sign with the word "SUN" spelled out in large, block letters stacked atop one another. Each letter has a 3D effect and is adorned with bright colors and lightbulb outlines that give the impression of a classic, illuminated marquee sign. To the right of the bold sign is a solitary pinkish palm tree affected by the ambient light. The palm tree leans slightly to the right and provides a contrast to the man-made structure of the sign, bringing a natural element into the composition. The background is a uniform orange, providing a warm, sunny atmosphere that complements the subject matter of the sign. The color choice creates a nostalgic feeling. The use of light and shadow, along with the radiating light effects, gives the artwork a lively and dynamic character.