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James Gucwa - "Kingman Club"

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Artist: James Gucwa
Title: Kingman Club
Medium: Acrylic
Dimensions: 40"h x 24"w

"Kingman Club" is a detailed painting that depicts a vibrant and colorful collection of vintage-style signs. At the top, there is a large vertical sign painted in shades of pink and purple with an aged and weathered appearance. It features decorative bulbs along its sides. Below the vertical sign are two graphic representations of martini glasses—each one is depicted with a perspective view. The glass on the left is illuminated with a greenish-yellow neon, with an olive inside, while the one on the right has a white neon with a red circular garnish. The lower portion of the painting showcases another sign, horizontal and colored in shades of green with ornate cursive lettering. The background of the painting features a clear blue sky with soft, white clouds, and hints of foliage at the bottom right corner. The painting is precise, with a photo-realistic touch that brings the nostalgic feel of these classic signs to life.