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James Gucwa - "Golden Dragon"

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Artist: James Gucwa
Title: Golden Dragon
Medium: Acrylic
Dimensions: 30"h x 40"w

"Golden Dragon" features a vibrant, stylized depiction of a neon sign advertising a business. The sign is in a bold, cursive font and is outlined with bright, neon colors that give it a luminescent quality. Highlighting the name is a detailed illustration of a golden dragon, curving along the top of the sign with its body following the contour of the text. The dragon is dynamically colored with shades of yellow and orange and detailed line work that show scales and texture. The background illustrates a section of building with architectural details, but the focus remains firmly on the sign which stands out against the darker, more subdued purple background. The artwork conveys a sense of retro Americana with its neon sign aesthetic.