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J. Scott Nicol - "British Rock-Giclee"

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Artist: J. Scott Nicol
Title: British Rock-Giclee
Medium: Giclee on canvas
Dimensions: 24"h x 48"w

"British Rock" is a giclee print that showcases a painted collection of book spines that are designed to resemble a selection of iconic albums and references to legendary rock musicians and bands. Each book spine is creatively designed with colors, images, and typography that evoke a particular artist or album. This print pays tribute to The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Clash, Elton John, The Who, David Bowie, Led-Zeppelin, Queen, and the Rolling Stones.The overall artwork plays on the theme of music literature, suggesting a library of books that could tell the story of rock 'n roll history through the lens of these influential artists.