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J. Scott Nicol - "Bookcase (The Beat Goes On)-Giclee"

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Artist: J. Scott Nicol
Title: Bookcase (The Beat Goes On)-Giclee
Medium: Giclee on canvas
Dimensions: 36"h x 48"w

Available to order. Allow approximately 4 weeks.

"Bookcase (The Beat Goes On)" shows a collection of book spines on a bookshelf. Each book spine features a different cultural icon and reference. The books are styled to look like the covers of classic albums, movies, or personalities, transformed into literary works. Each spine includes a title that references the subject's known works or persona. The art style is photorealistic and graphic, capturing likenesses of the individuals in a manner reminiscent of their associated time periods or artistic styles. The color palette is diverse, with each spine boasting unique colors and design elements that are evocative of the subjects' brands and notable works. The overall effect is a creative interpretation of these icons as if their lives and careers were chronicled in a book series.