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Elisabeth Ladwig - "How Sweet the Hum"

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Artist: Elisabeth Ladwig
Title: How Sweet the Hum
Medium: Photo Collage/Watercolor Paper
Dimensions: Please Select

Limited edition of 128; piece is framed and ready to hang. Also available unframed. Limited editions available in 3 other sizes.

"There is an undeniable oneness to the beehive. It is a social colony of communication and food sharing, each member working tirelessly toward common goals. If you've ever spent time just listening to a hive, it is really quite beautiful and meditative. Sometimes you can hone in on the individual notes beneath the hum, then zoom out again to appreciate the collective a cappella. She is the flower, the hive, its bounty, and the sweetness of Spring. She is the Hum. Oooommm..." Elisabeth Ladwig

"How Sweet the Hum" features a whimsical, ethereal scene with a focus on a central figure. She is depicted with expansive, translucent beet-like wings emanating from her back, contributing to a magical quality. The figure wears a striking, billowing yellow gown, adorned with a variety of large, detailed flowers in different colors, including yellow, white, and pink, which accentuate the lower part of the dress and blend into the surrounding grass. Her hair is a vivid red, cascading in waves and complementing the warm colors of the dress. In her hand, she holds a honey dipper. Her face is partially obscured by hair. The setting is a serene grassy landscape with a few rocks and scant vegetation under a soft blue sky with gentle, painterly clouds, which offer a subtle contrast to the bright tones of the figure. Overall, the art has a dreamy and delicate quality, evoking the essence of fantasy.