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Judith Monroe - "Hope Springs Eternal"

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Artist: Judith Monroe
Title: Hope Springs Eternal
Medium: Mixed Media on Panel
Dimensions: 20"h x 20"w

Photo transfers, ephemera, color pencil, acrylic, wax pastel, polished rock, and dried pressed leaves.

"Hope Springs Eternal" portrays a natural landscape with a focus on rough, rocky terrain. In the center of the image, there is a small tree with spindly branches and fresh green leaves, suggesting new growth. The tree is framed by large, sunlit boulders, which dominate the scene with their textured surfaces highlighted by light and shadow, creating a tactile appearance. In the background, we see a large rock formation, casting shadow and adding depth to the composition. The sky above the landscape uses hues of light blue and white, indicating a clear day with some cloud cover. The texture of this art gives a sense of dimension and emphasis to certain elements of the composition, particularly the rugged surface of the rocks. Overall, the piece conveys a serene yet rugged natural environment.