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Elisabeth Ladwig - "Homecoming"

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Artist: Elisabeth Ladwig
Title: Homecoming
Medium: Photo Collage on Watercolor Paper
Dimensions: 18"h x 12"w

Limited edition of 28; piece is unframed. Also available framed. Limited editions available in 3 other sizes.

"When the seasons change, birds sometimes return to localities that are familiar to them. Depending on their path, they may follow the geography of the landscape, like rivers, mountain ranges, or shorelines, they may use the sun or stars as guides, or their instinctual compass may tap into the Earth’s magnetic fields. Once they arrive, the foraging, nesting, and socializing begins anew. From family gatherings to school reunions, homecomings pull at the heartstrings. They are opportunities to catch up with loved ones, see old friends, or revisit the stomping grounds from an almost ghostly era. Even a solitary visit to a special spot or the reboot of an old tradition can recall lost sentiments. We share our memories, and the stories of our lives. Tell your friends. Everyone is welcome." Elisabeth Ladwig

"Homecoming" portrays a curious scene centered around a small, weathered, wooden house set in a barren landscape. Surrounding the house, various birds occupy the bare branches of a tree. The pale blue and earthy backdrop suggests a tranquil, yet surreal atmosphere. The overall effect is that of a layered composition, blending the real with the fantastical, creating an image that is both evocative and thought-provoking.