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Helen L. Rietz - "Cracker Jack Sailor"

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Artist: Helen L. Rietz
Title: Cracker Jack Sailor
Medium: Watercolor
Dimensions: 10"h x 14"w

Discovered in an antique store, these old candy cans struck me as whimsical. This Cracker Jack tin featured the company's long-standing mascots, Sailor Jack and his dog Bingo. Registered as the company logo in 1919, the little sailor was modeled after the grandson of a company founder, and Bingo was inspired by a stray adopted in 1917 by another of the founders. Here, Sailor Jack is actually sailing a boat, recalling the innocence of a long-ago summer day. Did you notice the exuberant little fish? I set the tin beside the familiar warm orange of Reese’s.

Art is professionally matted and framed, using museum glass which is the highest quality available for framing. Please note that the dimensions above are for the image only; the framed work is larger. The dimensions of this piece, as framed, is approximately 20"h X 24"w.