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Judith Monroe - "He Sends You Abundant Showers"

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Artist: Judith Monroe
Title: He Sends You Abundant Showers
Medium: Mixed Media on Panel
Dimensions: 16"h x 20"w

Photo transfers, ephemera, color pencil, acrylic, wax pastel & dried pressed leaves on cradled wood panel.

"He Sends You Abundant Showers" features an image of a butterfly centrally positioned on a textured, yellow-ochre background. The butterfly is depicted with a sense of realism, showcasing detailed veined patterns on its wings which are outspread symmetrically. The delicate texture of the wings contrasts with the bold solidity of the insect's body and antennae. Surrounding the butterfly are faint imprints of foliage and floral elements, which give the composition a layered depth. The overall effect is one of delicate beauty and a celebration of nature. The choice of a warm, muted color palette enhances the timeless quality of the piece. The texture is an integral part of the artwork, contributing to its tactile and visual interest, inviting the viewer to contemplate the interplay between the creature and its surroundings.