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Gary Lee Price - "Go Escargot"

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Artist: Gary Lee Price
Title: Go Escargot
Medium: Bronze
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"Many times I try to go outside the box and sculpt a piece just for the fun of it! I’ve always thought those big garden snails had the coolest design as I’ve watched them inch along with their outstretched antennae. Then I thought how cool it would be if one grew 100 times bigger, became turbo charged and took kids around the yard – touring the spring crocuses and daffodils, zooming through the summer shasta-daisies and daylilies, and zipping around the hollyhocks and mums of Autumn." Gary Lee Price

"Go Escargot" is a bronze sculpture that features a child riding on the back of a snail. The child is seated on the shell of the snail. The child is gazing upward with a joyful expression and an open-mouthed smile, showcasing wonder and delight. The snail has a sense of movement, as if it is slowly trekking forward. The sculpture is rich in detail, with the snail's textured skin and the spiraling pattern of its shell captured with care, contrasting with the smooth finish of the child's form.