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Gary Lee Price - "Synergy"

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Artist: Gary Lee Price
Title: Synergy 
Medium: Bronze
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"Several years ago, I created a sculpture of two people climbing a cliff, one reaching down helping the other. The focal point was the interlocking hands. This sculpture, titled Ascent, was inspired by some of my personal challenges and my desire to depict how my friends had stopped in the middle of their climb and reached back to lift me to higher ground. Several years and many life experiences later, I realized I had to depict another truism of life in sculptural form. More often than not, life requires more than one person helping another. Life requires a community of effort and compassion. There is some idea, talent, or gift in each of us and when united with others, it generates a great source of strength, of energy, of accomplishment. 'Synergy' represents not just one person helping another, but rather, the entire human family integrated, unified, and working together in a way that we are all empowered. This powerful and striking piece personifies the intangible characteristics of teamwork, friendship, and unity. The individual strength in each of the six hands is evident, yet each one grips the neighboring hand. This balance and reliance among us is necessary for true strength and progress. Synergy embodies and organizes these abstract qualities combining them to produce a sense of motivation and success." Gary Lee Price

"Synergy" shows a sculpture consisting of interconnected human hands creating a star-like formation. Each of the hands extends from the center, with their backs facing outward, forming a symmetrical arrangement. The hands are clenched and exhibit detailed textures that replicate the realistic surface of a hand, including knuckles and finger contours. It is mounted on a polished dark base, which provides stability and an elegant contrast to the tones of the hands. The overall design conveys strength and interconnectedness, symbolizing collective power or the joining of forces for a common cause.