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Gary Lee Price - "Puffed Up Prince"

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Artist: Gary Lee Price
Title: Puffed Up Prince
Medium: Bronze
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"Much of my work is characterized by figures of children enraptured in the joys of childhood. Every once in a while it’s a fun challenge to ‘break the mold,’ so to speak, on traditional figure sculpture and create a piece of pure whimsy. I was sitting in the studio one day looking at a recently completed sculpture of a child and a ball. Wondering what type of a creature would lend itself to a spherical shape; I proceeded to add clay to the ball. Coincidentally, a large jumping frog was visiting in the studio. Every time I touched the frog it would enlarge itself with air. Needless to say, I was inspired and my first spherical creature was created; the Puffed up Prince, followed by Triumphant (a rather robust elephant) and then the Cool Cat. My whimsical frog was designed purely to delight you and your guests. He is boasting a regal crown, and whether he’s placed outdoors in your garden, or indoors on a pedestal, it is with absolute nobility that he keeps an eye on things. I offer to you my enchanted yet distinguished frog, Puffed up Prince, for your absolute enjoyment." Gary Lee Price

"Puffed Up Prince" is a sculpture of a large, green frog sitting upright. The frog has a satisfied and relaxed expression. The texturing of the sculpture is detailed, showing the bumps and patterns typical of frog skin, with various shades of green and gray. This frog is adorned with a gold crown fitted with colorful gemstones on its head. The combination of realism in the frog's anatomy with the fantastical elements makes this piece playful and intriguing.