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Gary Lee Price - "Plein Air Painter"

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Artist: Gary Lee Price
Title: Plein Air Painter
Medium: Bronze
Dimensions: 8"h x 4"w

"I dedicate this piece to all those artists who realize the value of working from life. A good friend of mine, the western painter Jim C. Norton, was painting outdoors and I happened to have some clay and wire. I could not resist sculpting this study of him doing a study. It was a sagebrush and yellow ochre setting with the distant silhouette of mountains immersed in September air. I particularly enjoyed watching the flurry of brushes from hand to mouth to hand, while the breeze slowly dispersed the used paper towels across the landscape." Gary Lee Price

"Plein Air Painter" features a figure of a man standing next to an easel. The man is dressed in artist attire, with a hat on his head, capturing a thoughtful and engaged pose. On one hand, he holds a paintbrush, pointing towards the easel. The entire composition, including the figure, the easel, and the base, has a rough, textured finish, emphasizing a sense of artistic action and creation. The sculpture is detailed and dynamic, conveying a moment caught in the life of an artist at work.