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Gary Lee Price - "New Seasons"

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Artist: Gary Lee Price
Title: New Seasons
Medium: Bronze
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"My sculpture, ‘New Seasons’, is about renewal and rebirth; the metamorphosis that promotes change. It suggests the tender care and concern that moves us to help others. And finally, it recalls the inquisitiveness and exploration of youth that motivates and inspires us all. I always sculpt from live models in order to get all that essence of life in my work. I had my oldest son Zac model for the standing figure and Katy, my business manager’s daughter, modeled for the little girl releasing the butterflies. It was a really fun piece to sculpt as both are very fun-loving and natural models. Our kids never had sisters and it was fun watching how tender Zac interacted with Katy. It has been rewarding to see the life-size version acquired by several botanical gardens, some with specialized butterfly grounds. I enjoy watching my work find its proper home." Gary Lee Price

"New Seasons" is of two figures, a boy and a girl, expertly crafted with attention to detail and expression. The boy stands on a small platform and holds the younger girl in her arms. The girl's right hand is openly raised, butterflies fluttering and perching upon her hand. Both figures display fluid and dynamic poses, with clothing that drapes and conforms to their movement, adding a sense of realism to the sculpture. The material of the sculpture is bronze, enhancing the artwork's three-dimensional aspect and the play of light across its surfaces.