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Elisabeth Ladwig - "Forsythia Leviosa!"

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Artist: Elisabeth Ladwig
Title: Forsythia Leviosa!
Medium: Photo Collage Print (unframed)
Dimensions: Please Select

Unframed fine art prints. Printed on museum-grade, textured fine art paper (100% rag archival). 

18"h x 12"w: Edition of 28
27"h x 18"w: Edition of 17
35" h x 23"w: Edition of 7
54"h x 36"w: Special Edition of 5

"I couldn’t resist the Harry Potter reference. Every time the wind blows, every time the snow falls or the flower blooms or the egg hatches, it’s as if Mother Nature is waving her magic wand. Forsythia is one of the earliest blooms in our yard, brightening up the bare landscape with canes of blazing yellow. She is a force that demands attention, growing quickly and well beyond my highest reach, warming the days despite the lingering chill. She coaxes us to join her in anticipatory celebration for all the rainbow children of Spring, until we are chanting along with her a mantra of infectious joy: 'Forsythia leviosa!'" Elisabeth Ladwig

"Forsythia Leviosa!" is a digital composition that portrays a surreal and dreamlike scene. In the image, we see a woman with long, flowing hair, captured mid-motion as if being gently lifted upwards. Her pose is a graceful ascension, with her arms delicately reaching upward. She is wearing a dress made entirely out of bright yellow flowers, which seamlessly transition from the fabric of the dress into a dispersal taken by the wind. The background depicts a barren landscape with a muted color palette, featuring scattered leafless trees under a vast sky with clouds scattered across it. The presence of a crescent moon amongst the daylight sky adds to the whimsical nature of the artwork. In the foreground, a bird is perched on the ground, further grounding the scene in nature. The overall effect of the artwork is one of freedom and metamorphosis, capturing a moment of magical realism where the boundaries between human and nature dissolve.