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Phyllis Mantik deQuevedo - "Florescence"

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Artist: Phyllis Mantik deQuevedo
Title: Florescence
Medium: Bronze
Dimensions: 15"h x 10"w

Inspired by the Calla Lily - The name Calla Lily means "magnificent beauty" embodied in the flower's gorgeous shape and color. It is considered symbolic of marriage and purity because of its white color and trumpet-like shape. The word florescence is synonymous with "a time of blooming." In my first sculpture in this series I wanted to show a blossom unfolding.

"Florescence" features a three-dimensional sculpture that ingeniously integrates a figure with botanical elements. The artwork presents a graceful female form emerging from the center of a calla lily, with the bloom itself being stylized and oversized in comparison to the figure. Its petals, which are broad and richly colored in shades of deep pink and light purple, enwrap the figure, suggesting a dynamic and organic emergence. The woman is depicted with uplifted arms, her hands clasped above her head, conveying a sense of growth. The textural and color details give the figure a lifelike appearance, with her skin tones set naturally against the vibrant floral setting. The lower part of the sculpture melds into a green stem, forming the base, which stands on a simple black pedestal for display. The art piece appears to fuse elements of natural beauty and human expression, creating a symbiotic and evocative visual narrative.