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Stephen Hansen - "Fishing Boats on the Beach at Les Saints-Marie-de-la-Mer (Van Gogh)"

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Artist: Stephen Hansen
Title: Fishing Boats on the Beach at Les Saints-Marie-de-la-Mer (Van Gogh)
Medium: Acrylic/Paper Mache'
Dimensions: 21.5"h x 27"w

This work of art parodies "Fishing Boats on the Beach at Les Saints-Marie-de-la-Mer" by Van Gogh. It features a coastal scene with four prominently depicted fishing boats on a sandy shore. Each boat has a vivid, distinctive color scheme, with the closest boat featuring blue and warm hues, and the furthest having a white pattern with cooler hues. Tall, slender masts rise from the boats, unadorned by sails. In the background, there is calm blue water with several white sailboats visible in the distance. In the foreground, seagulls are portrayed on a three-dimensional scaffolding. A sculpted painter in a white outfit speckled with multicolored splatters is standing on the right, adding the finishing touches to the painting. The sky is rendered in soft shades of light blue with gentle brushstrokes. The sandy shore transitions from a golden hue near the waterline to deep brown tones near the bottom of the image. The overall piece reinterprets the classic art with a whimsical and joyful spin.