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Gary Lee Price - "Fine Feathered Friends"

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Artist: Gary Lee Price
Title: Fine Feathered Friends
Medium: Bronze
Dimensions: 44"h x 24"w

"Fine Feathered Friends was inspired by the bird lovers in my family. This sculpture is dedicated to those of us who enjoy the ornithological world and find simple pleasure in watching them flutter about. Think about it – what would our world be like without birds?" Gary Lee Price

"Fine Feathered Friends" is a bronze sculpture of a young boy standing upright on a rectangular base. He is dressed in overalls. The boy has short hair, and his facial expression showcases engagement. He holds a small bird gently in his right hand, which is raised up to his eye level, while his left hand supports a birdbath that carries another small bird. The texture of the sculpture is detailed, giving the boy's clothes a realistic and wrinkled appearance. The overall craftsmanship provides a sense of life and character to the figure.