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Melanie Ferguson Art - "Fields of Color"

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Artist: Melanie Ferguson Art
Title: Fields of Color
Medium: Cold Wax & Oil
Dimensions: 24"h x 24"w

"I'm mesmerized by wide open spaces. Saddened that the farm lands, and rural countryside is being sold and developed, so I decided to paint the fields how I see them, so future generations can see and feel what was before them. The field studies of our landscapes are a big inspiration for me and I'll keep painting them to take others back in time, or to inspire people to save our open spaces for future generations to enjoy."

"Fields of Color" is a vibrant landscape utilizing cold wax and oil paint. The foreground consists of an expanse of open land with varied warm earthy tones. Subtle hints of vegetation with flecks of green and blue add to the complexity of the terrain. These plants create texture and depth on the canvas. The background showcases a mountain range that is silhouetted against a captivating sky. The sky itself is a stunning display of colors with shades of pink, red, orange, and purple blending into each other to form an awe-inspiring display. Melanie Ferguson employs loose and expressive brushwork throughout the painting that creates a sense of movement and raw natural beauty, and the colors are indicative of a profound observation of the natural light and its interaction with the landscape. Overall, the painting exudes a serene atmosphere and captures the transient beauty of a moment.