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Guilloume - "Emergence (Smaller size)"

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Artist: Guilloume
Title: Emergence (Smaller size)
Medium: Bronze
Dimensions: 9"h x 18"w

As both an artist and an advocate of women’s rights, the women in my life have been an enormous inspiration to me. Among my earliest memories, my mother, Aurita, stands out as a model of hard work and courage. My dear wife, Gladys, has over the years managed to simultaneously display great strength, radiance and tenderness. Emergence stands as my homage to the struggle for equality experienced by women around the world. It was not so long ago that women here in America were not guaranteed the constitutional right to vote—let alone run for political office. Despite the progress that has been made, the average woman continues to be paid, on average, less than her mail counterpart, so there is still a way to go. Some very strong women have served as role models in my life and I have complete confidence that one day women will achieve universal equality. With appreciation and respect, I dedicate Emergence to the women of the world.