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Elisabeth Ladwig - "The Travelers"

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Artist: Elisabeth Ladwig
Title: The Travelers
Medium: Photo Collage on Watercolor Paper
Dimensions: Please Select

Printed on museum-grade, textured fine art paper (100% rag archival). Unframed fine art prints. 

18"h x 12"w: Edition of 50
27"h x 18"w: Edition of 36
35" h x 23"w: Edition of 17

"The quest is one of hills and valleys. Both are temporary, as one interrupts the other. Both require us to choose how we respond to an unfamiliar trial or a renewed equilibrium. Whether the next distance presents a clear path or a valley of fog, we seek to make sense of it all. But there is one certainty: we need not travel alone." Elisabeth Ladwig

"The Travelers" presents a dreamy, pastoral scene. At the center, we see a woman with long red hair wearing a flowing turquoise dress. She stands still, gazing into the distance, though her face is not visible to the viewer. She melds with the mist at the bottom as if she's part of the landscape. To her left, a red fox is shown in profile, calmly looking ahead in the same direction as the woman, adding a wild, natural element to the scene. Above them, a flock of birds is in flight against a cloudy sky, their dark silhouettes contrasting with the soft, muted background. The scene takes place in a lush, green meadow, dotted with trees and undergrowth, stretching into a forest that fades into the foggy background. Overall, the artwork exudes a sense of tranquility, harmony with nature, and a touch of the mystical. It evokes a narrative open to interpretation, prompting the viewer to wonder about the connection between the woman, the fox, and the birds.