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Elisabeth Ladwig - "Once Upon a Time" (Framed)

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Artist: Elisabeth Ladwig
Title: Once Upon a Time (framed)
Medium: Photo Collage on Watercolor Paper
Dimensions: 24"h x 16"w

Special limited edition of 50; piece is framed and ready to hang. Framed dimensions are approximately 35"h x 27"w. Also available unframed

"Over the course of our lives, together in this fairytale land, we all will have watched Winter beckon Spring, Spring grow to Summer, Summer produce Autumn, and Autumn yield to Winter once again. This is the beautiful, predictable flow of the storyline, the events in which we can always place our faith and trust. But once upon a time, there was a plot twist. Once upon a time, there was You. This is your story ~ and it's never too late to fill the chapters with wonderful surprises." Elisabeth Ladwig

"Once Upon a Time" is an evocative and surreal artwork featuring a woman wearing a flowing cream-colored dress seated atop a large stack of antique-looking books. The woman's face is obscured by a green book that matches the books in color and texture. She is holding an ornate teacup, tilted as though she is splashing its contents. The setting is a grassy area with the backdrop of a dark and textured sky. The artwork has a dreamlike, whimsical quality, blending elements of nature and literature in a visually intriguing way.