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Elisabeth Ladwig - "Joy in the Shadows"

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Artist: Elisabeth Ladwig
Title: Joy in the Shadows
Medium: Photo Collage on Watercolor Paper
Dimensions: 18"h x 12"w

Limited edition of 50; piece is unframed. Also available framed. Limited editions available in 4 other sizes.

I don’t know about you, but my interests shift a lot. I find a new thing and pour my energy into it for a while, learning and experimenting until I discover something else that grasps my attention. An eternal jack of all trades. It's not a bad thing, but I've always lightly mourned the previous interests that were once such a big part of my life, the fallen leaves, old knowledge now diminished to its bare bones. It seems a lifetime ago that I was crafting jewelry from clockwork parts, songwriting with my guitar, concocting home remedies for minor ailments, and taking every opportunity to greet the moon. Any one of these periods along my timeline could be revived if I chose to nourish it; in the meantime, remembering makes me smile. There is such joy in the shadows.