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Elisabeth Ladwig - "Her Wildest Designs" (Framed)

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Artist: Elisabeth Ladwig
Title: Her Wildest Designs (framed)
Medium: Photo Collage on Watercolor Paper
Dimensions: 27"h x 18"w

Limited edition of 36; piece is framed and ready to hang. Framed dimensions are approximately 38"h x 29"w. Also available unframed

"The rest of her journey is yet unwritten. Through beauty and loss she travels, alone, together… alive. She weaves with an intentional wonderment, in and out, around here and back through there, adding lines to her story each moonrise. The rest of her journey is unwritten, but the stage is set, as it always has been, for her wildest designs." Elisabeth Ladwig

"Her Wildest Designs" depicts a surreal scene where a woman with long, flowing blonde hair is standing at the stern of a small boat. She is clothed in an elegant, sleeveless blue dress, and the boat is maneuvering through calm waters. What makes the image strikingly dreamlike are the oversized flowers towering above the woman and the boat. They exhibit delicate, translucent white petals with dark centers. The sepia-tone and textured aesthetic contribute to the vintage and otherworldly feel of the composition. The flowers, despite their size, elicit a sense of fragility and beauty as they seem to drift into the sky, with smaller blooms dotting the scene. The background hints at a cloudy day, with a subdued light source barely visible through the haze. The entire scene conveys a calm, yet fantastical ambience, inviting contemplation and wonder.