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Gary Lee Price - "Einstein Bench" (Life-sized)

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Artist: Gary Lee Price
Title: Einstein Bench
Medium: Bronze
Dimensions: 52"h x 70"w

"Other than Einstein's eccentricities and ability to think outside of the box, his quote that has won great favor with me for many years is, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” I kept thinking to myself that I must memorialize a guy that had such vision. I have always been excited by the sheer visual richness of Einstein; his hair, facial features and casual attire. I wanted to portray this in a very approachable, inviting, 'come have a chat with a genius,' kind of gesture. In studying Einstein's life, I was equally impressed with his efforts and desire to create a world of peace and understanding in spite of the horrendous happenings of his era. As he sits relaxed in the park, who knows what is really going on in his mind as he gazes out and ponders our universe!" Gary Lee Price

Part of Price's Great Contributor series, this is a sculpture of Albert Einstein seated on a bench. The figure is depicted in a relaxed pose, with both arms resting along the back of the bench, while his legs are crossed at the ankle. The sculpture includes fine details that give texture to the figure's clothing and capture the likeness and expression of the individual, with a slightly tousled hairstyle and a thoughtful expression on his face. The bench itself is also part of the sculpture, featuring ornate armrests and wood plank patterns. The bronze material offers a timeless quality and the sculpture exudes a sense of peaceful contemplation.