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Yvonne Gaudet - "Eeepamoy"

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Artist: Yvonne Gaudet
Title: Eeepamoy
Medium: Mixed Media on Panel
Dimensions: 24"h x 24"w

DOER of GOoD - North American Pika. "Master of Diplomacy". Acrylic & Collage. Painted edges coordinate with the piece; no framing needed. Wired and ready to hang. ARTIST'S NOTES: A firm believer in "harmony at all costs", Eeepamoy strives to always find the common ground and inspire constructive discussion. This is the hallmark of a true diplomat. It is said that the definition of Diplomacy is to have the wisdom to stop talking before someone wants you to. What a better place the world would be if only there were more examples like Eeepamoy.