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Elisabeth Ladwig - "Dryad of Death and Rebirth"

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Artist: Elisabeth Ladwig
Title: Dryad of Death and Rebirth
Medium: Photo Collage on Watercolor Paper
Dimensions: Please Select

Printed on museum-grade, textured fine art paper (100% rag archival). Unframed fine art prints. 

18"h x 12"w: Edition of 28
27"h x 18"w: Edition of 17
35" h x 23"w: Edition of 7

"Part of a series of dryads (tree spirits). This dryad is the spirit of the tree that once stood there. As an important and necessary part of the Life Cycle, she wants our respect, not our tears. Her purpose survives beyond death, providing nourishment for future life as her roots decay in the Earth. With a simple dogwood flower on her dress, she promises that Spring will indeed return ~ and so will she." Elisabeth Ladwig

"Dryad of Death and Rebirth" presents a dramatic and somewhat eerie scene set in a desolate landscape. At the center is a female figure seen from the back, wearing a flowing black dress with a white dogwood flower attached near the bottom hem. The figure is floating just above broken tree branches, with her feet not touching the ground. Adding to the surreal nature of the image, the woman has tree branches extending from her arms instead of hands, which reach toward the ground as if they were part of the dead branches she rises above. The landscape is barren, with a dry, cracked ground that stretches out to the horizon. The sky above is a tumultuous mix of dark and lighter clouds, suggesting an oppressive and stormy atmosphere. Adding motion to the scene are several large birds, which are in flight against the cloudy sky. Overall, the art evokes themes of desolation, transformation, and a sense of rebirth.